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[23/04/2017] - The Annual Auckland Cello Festival 2017





23rd April 2017

organized by the Auckland Company of Cellists 
Features arrangements by David Johnstone for cello ensembles 
Cellists from Auckland and further afar, get together to play in 3 or 4 part harmony. This year the music ranges from popular New Zealand favourites like Po Kare through to arrangements of great Italian operatic composers like Puccini.
The emphasis is to gather like-minded people who are enthusiastic about the cello and classical music. We are fortunate to have Auckland University professor Edith Salzmann who is a consummate performing cellist, to lead us. She holds the annual Akaroa festival which attracts top performers. But she is also well versed in creating a unified cello choir from musicians at all levels. The social element is the most important aspect about the cello festival. Adults and students get a chance to talk deeply about their musical lives and have a good laugh as they play together.
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Casa Rural – Casa Petra

Aizoain (cerca/nr Pamplona) - Concédete unos días diferentes y anima a tus familiares y amigos a compartir y disfrutar de la magia de Casa Petra. Capacidad: 10 + 2


Patxi Atozki

Luthier, especializado en la venta de instrumentos de arco, accesorios y restauración de violines, violas, violonchelos y contrabajos. (Pamplona, España).

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